@Ironmaiden on @reddit First time you ever heard Iron Maiden?

First time you ever heard Iron Maiden?

My dad is a huge fan of rock n roll and when I was young I was surrounded by Black Sabbath, ACDC, The Doors, The Who, Pink Floyd and all those awesome bands. ACDC was the first band I really really got into and loved them. But after a while I wanted something a little heavier, I wanted more. So I found Piece of Mind in my dad's vinyl collection. The player was broken so I couldnt hear it, but the cover absolutely amazed me. It look so fucking cool. I did some research online and found they were a heavy metal band. "This is it!" I thought. So I asked my dad to order me The Number of the Beast online. This was 2006 or 2007 I think, I was really young. Pretty much camped in the front lawn till it arrived. And when it did I listened to it until it couldnt play anymore, I loved it, it was everything I ever wanted. Soon after that I bought the Death on the Road DVD and reveled in the amazingness of Maiden live. I eventually had my dream come true when I saw them play during the Final Frontier tour. How about you guys, how did you first get in touch with Maiden?

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