Sebastian Bach Remembers Legendary ’91 GN’R Riot: We Found Izzy’s Amp 2 Miles Away at Bus Stop!

Classic Skid Row frontman Sebastian Bach remembered the infamous riot at Guns N' Roses show in St. Louis back in '91 - the one caused by Axl Rose saying screw you guys I'm going home after he jumped into the crowd mid-concert to grab a camera from a fan that was filming since the "lame-ass security" couldn't handle him.

sebastian bach

Anyhow, Bach told KSHE 95 about the “Rocket Queen Riot” – named like that because the whole thing started during “Rocket Queen”:

“The thing I remember is the night before – we were at a strip club in St. Louis or near St. Louis. That’s where we were, me and Guns N’ Roses, Axl, we were all there until early in the morning.

“So the one story that always freaks me out about that riot is that the next day they found one of Izzy Stradlin’s amps.

“Like, two miles from a gig at a bus stop, one of the Marshall stacks. Some of the fans must have got up on the stage when they took everything down and they carried it thinking they’re gonna get it home. [Laughs]

“And they get to the bus stop and the bus driver probably said, ‘You can’t bring that here.’ It was probably too big or something and they just left it in the bus stop.”

Following the riot, Rose said he requested the security to remove the fan four times before jumping in. Additionally, the band gave the city a special mention in the ‘Thank You’ section of “Use Your Illusion” saying “Fuck You, St. Louis!”

Ultimately, the boys returned to St. Louis on July 27, 2017 to rock their first show since the riot. You can check out the footage from the ’91 gig below.


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