Kirk Hammett: I Didn’t Have Enough Skills on ‘Master’ to Record Solos the Way I Did on ‘Hardwired’

Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett talked about his approach to guitar solos on the band's classic 1986 record "Master of Puppets," explaining to Rolling Stone:


“Back then, I was really into composing the entire solo, beginning to end. I wanted to have it at least 80-to-90% complete before going into the studio.

“I didn’t improvise in the studio. I was young, and I didn’t really have the development in my playing or the ability to show up with nothing and then put down 500 ideas.

“I can do that now because I’m so much more of a musician now; with ‘Hardwired’ I had no idea what I was gonna play and I figured it out within 90 minutes. I couldn’t do that in 1986.

“With ‘Damage Inc.,’ I would have just sat there and been scratching my head with a dumbfounded look thinking, ‘What else am I gonna play?'”


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