Joel From Airbourne: This Is My Secret to Recording Killer Rock N’ Roll Guitar Solos!

Airbourne frontman Joel O'Keefe shared a few secrets behind his approach to guitar solos, saying during a Total Guitar interview:

joel okeefe

“I can’t piece a solo together. It’s like a machine gun shooting everything.

“I will record everything and listen back and go, ‘Okay, if I play the first bit of the third take and the middle bit of the fifth take and play the last bit of the 200th take that is my solo.’ Then I’ll sit and learn it.

“When we’re in the studio all of the vocals and music will be done and we do the solos last.

“I sit there and make it up on the spot. We’ll do 20 takes. Sometimes I get it on the third take and they’ll say, ‘I don’t know what you did there Joel, but we’re keeping that.’

“And I’ll say I can do it better and I’ll try but I’ll be thinking about it whereas on that third take I was just rockin’. Sometimes I’ll do 200 takes and have to go home and come back the next day.”

Discussing one specific track he particularly likes, Joel said:

“There’s a solo in a song called ‘Thin the Blood.’ That’s a real fast mover with a lot of moving parts and little licks in there.

“That was one of my favorite solos to track because it was so fast-paced. I had to be on it and had a bunch of Red Bulls. It’s got a bit of blues in it so I was dabbling deep in the blues and then was bringing the crazy, fast rock ‘n’ roll stuff as well.”


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