@Ironmaiden on @reddit Clues hiding in the stained glass

Clues hiding in the stained glass

thank to /u/htton we have a 5K version of the stained glass image

This could be a good place to consolidate the images in the stained glass and what they relate to. This list is my thoughts plus a little of what I've seen other write so far. Let's pool our thoughts and see what's in here.


TOP: Silhouette of an angel/grim reaper (it is hold a scythe) over a flag that I'm not sure of. It could be Costa rica turned vertical, which is the only flag I've seen that has the right pattern taken as a whole, but if we assume that each side is a mirror of the other (like is clear with the other windows) it might just be France. I've seen guesses that this is a reference to Fallen Angel. Seems as good as any, because i can't connect the dots yet.

MAIN: Eddie from Piece of Mind. So either the title track or songs from it (probably title since The Trooper is a separate window)

BOTTOM: Locked golden gates behind a scroll. I think it's definitely a reference to Heaven, possible Heaven Can Wait.


TOP: Image of a nuclear bomb- probably Brighter than a thousand suns

MAIN: Eddie from SSOASS, so expect either the title track or songs from it.

BOTTOM: a blacksmith. possible flash of the blade or Sun and Steel


TOP: Anubis, gotta go with powerslave There's also British flags, not sure if it is a specific reference though.

MAIN: The Trooper

BOTTOM: Cannons, more Trooper?


TOP: The Scottish flag and a fly, The Clansman and Lord of the Flies

MIDDLE: Somewhere in Time Eddie.

BOTTOM: Flight of Icarus


Theres a lot of symbols here so I'm just going to start at the 12:00 position and go clockwise

House surrounded by blood- Blood Brothers

Cross in front of the sun- Sign of the Cross

A fish-Rime of the Ancient Mariner maybe Sea of Madness?

A fetus-Still life?

A dragon's eye- Flash of the blade?

2 hands grasping/shaking, one pale blue, the other Caucasian-Dance of Death?

A Compass- Ghost of the Navigator

A Wheel-??

A bottle of whiskey-??

A light switch in the off position-Fear of the Dark

Stars- I don't know if this is a known constellation. I"ll guess Starblind

A wolf in a red jacket? That's all I can see but I think thats wrong, no guess on this.

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