Iron Maiden’s Bruce Dickinson: That Time Johnny Cash Asked Me for Autograph

Iron Maiden vocalist Bruce Dickinson remembered the time he met late great Johnny Cash, explaining to Fox News:

bruce dickinson

“It was very brief and really quite awe inspiring. Because I’ve always admired Johnny Cash… I love him because he’s got this rebellious maverick thing going on with him.

“I met him a long time ago… in Toronto when he and his band came and they were sitting, watching us do a soundcheck.

“And he came backstage after we finished. And I’m not exactly the world’s tallest guy. I’m like 5’6” and a half – and make sure you get the half in, you know?

“And Johnny Cash, I’m not even going to guess, but as far as I know, it was a lamp post that came in dressed in a coat.

“This was like meeting John Wayne… Just wow.

“And he was just the most charming, quietly spoken guy… He said, ‘Hi, My name is Johnny Cash… Look, can you sign an autograph for my daughter? She’s a big fan.’

“So I went, ‘Yeah, of course.’ And that was it! But, he was fantastic… and exactly what a legend should be.”

Bruce also talked about his lifelong passion for flying those big planes, saying:

“It was quite literally a revelation. I had this incredible moment of apprehension when I realized how close to ground it was. But as soon as we got away from the ground… the happier I was. I was in the air.

“I realized the complexity of the world that I was in… and the fact that you could never, ever know this activity… you would never fully know what was going to happen next or understand exactly what was going to go on for your day. And that I found incredibly exciting.”


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