@Ironmaiden on @reddit The stained glass picture analysis

The stained glass picture analysis

Ok, so this is my analysis of the mysterious picture they showed us today. Here it is:

(from left) The first stained glass window: A bat – > Transylvania

Scrolls, locked gates to heaven – > Heaven Can Wait

The second one: A nuclear explosion -? 23:58 OR Brighter Than A Thousand Sun

Blacksmith – no idea. I thought about The Duellists, but IM won't play a song they have never played before

The middle one: This one is really mysterious, but I'm pretty sure about two signs: A reptile's eye -> Revelations

Hand holding other hand -> Heaven Can Wait again

The fourth one: The Egyptian sculpture -> Powerslave

Cannons -> The Trooper

The last one: A fly -> Lord Of The Flies

A figure with wings -> Flight Of Icarus OR The Fallen Angel. But I'd rather say Icarus.

The worst to guess is the middle one. If you look carefully, you will see a calipers and a pencil on this. I don't know what reference is it. Also there's a small building surrounded by fire and a cross. The cross may be a reference to Sign Of The Cross, but I think it's connected to the building. The songs above may be a part of the new setlist and it's pretty logical to play them on the upcoming tour. Share your thoughts!

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