Gene Simmons: This Is Why There Will Be No New KISS Album!

Gene Simmons was recently asked by Music Radar whether fans can expect some new KISS music anytime soon, to which he replied:


“Creating new music so people can download and file-share it for free does not appeal to me in the least.

“The system is broken and artists are getting screwed. My heart breaks because the new talent out there will never get the chance that we had.

“They’re giving away songs for a hundredth of a penny, if anything, and people will share it and share it, paying nothing.

“It doesn’t affect me – I make a living, but the next great artist or band will never get a chance.

“They will have to work during the daytime, doing music as a hobby – that’s unfortunate. The only answer is legislation; laws have to be passed to protect what we work for…

“As for the solo band, I never planned for it to be like this, but it’s taken off. We’ve been doing Mexico, South America and Japan, as well as shows across North America. Who knows, we might come to Europe – it all depends on schedule.

“I may be the only person I know who gets to eat his cake and swallow, too. It’s different to KISS, but I like ’em both and the main thing is I have fun!”

This could mean that KISS’ latest and 20th studio album, 2012’s “Monster,” is their last.


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