Steven Adler: That Time I Got Poisoned By a Stripper & Missed My Cameo in Dirty Harry Film

Steven Adler shared a rather peculiar memory during a recent interview with Loudwire, saying:


“I say hi to Slash since I’ve known him since we were 12-13, so he’s always gonna be my brother.

“Axl I always loved. To show the love that I have for him… When we did this movie, ‘The Dead Pool’ with Clint Eastwood, Dirty Harry movie, well the scene in the cemetery – there’s five of us. And then the next scene, you see Slash and Izzy and Duff shooting a harpoon through a window of this boat.

“Well, the reason me and Axl weren’t there was because I met some stripper that night and she put this brown powder shit in my beer. And next thing I know, I woke up in a hospital, charcoal coming out of every hole in my body, and Axl was holding my hand. He thought that I was gonna die.

“So he has my eternal love. But if you ever watch the movie, that’s why me and Axl aren’t in [the scene].”


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