Race Relations

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Primitive Race return with a new album entitled ‘Soul Pretender’ in November. Helmed by producer/bassist Chris Kniker (Revolting Cocks, Lords Of Acid), the group has recruited former Faith No More singer Chuck Mosley on lead vocals and Melvins drummer Dale Crover for the ten song collection.

“When I listened to the music, ideas just came pouring out,” says Mosley, “I couldn’t say no to doing
the record. When we completed the first few tracks, I found myself wishing I had written them.
Not just the lyrics…just good heavy riffs and grooves really sucked me in. The melodies and words
came super easy with this music. Even though it’s a whole different vibe it brought out a side of me
I haven’t experienced since writing with Faith No More.”

The band, which had been something of an international industrial supergroup with a rotating cast
that included members who had done time with the likes of Gary Numan, Tricky, The Mission,
Peter Murphy, Spear Of Destiny, KMFDM, PIG, Skinny Puppy, Nitzer Ebb, Pop Will Eat Itself and
Combichrist, originally took on an industrial bent simply because of the talent involved. For the new
record, Kniker approached the release with a more focused eye, bringing in Mosley and Crover who
sing/drum throughout the release, along with engineer Toshi Kasai (Melvins, Big Business) and
mastering by Maor Appelbaum (Faith No More).

“During the recording of the first Primitive Race album there was a natural shift from the industrial
sound of our collective histories towards something more fluid and punk,” explains Kniker. “It was
something I really wanted to explore with Mark and Erie, knowing we wanted something raw and
organic with big, loud live drums as we began working on the new songs. Chuck and I met when
he was writing his VUA record. I ran into him last summer at a show and we started talking about
making a record. He really got where I was going with the whole concept. I knew he could bring
some of that to the record and still put his own stamp on it. I never in a million years thought Dale
would do the record. He’s one of my favourite drummers! We run in a similar circle. The Warlock
Pinchers were signed to Boner Records back when Melvins were there. Mark from the Pinchers
reached out to Dale for me and I was talking to Toshi [Dale’s engineer and production partner].
Toshi shared the demos with Dale and the next thing I know Toshi is asking for the multi-tracks.
A few years ago, Melvins did a KMFDM remix for a record I was working on so it’s cool to have
that connection again. This record is completely different from the first one and I think it’s cool
that we get a blank canvas to do whatever we want with Primitive Race.”

‘Soul Pretender’ is the second album by Primitive Race. It follows an EP, ‘Long In The Tooth’,
and the band’s self-titled debut album, both released in 2015 on Metropolis Records.

The line-up for ‘Soul Pretender’ is :
Chuck Mosley – vocals
Erie Loch – guitar, bass, programming
Mark Gemini Thwaite – guitar, bass, programming
Chris Kniker – bass
Dale Crover – drums

1 Row House
2 Cry Out
3 Cranial Matter
4 Take It All
5 Bed Six
6 Stepping Stone
7 Turn It Up
8 Soul Pretender
9 Nothing To Behold
10 Dancing On The Sun

All songs written, arranged and performed by Chris Kniker, Mark Thwaite, Chuck Mosley, Erie Loch
Produced by Chris Kniker, Mark Thwaite, Erie Loch
Co-produced by Joe Haze

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