@Ironmaiden on @reddit Over the years I’ve created a music video in my head for “The Reincarnation of Benjamin Breeg”.

Over the years I’ve created a music video in my head for “The Reincarnation of Benjamin Breeg”.

"Breeg" is such a fantastic song, and one of the things I like best about it is that the band never fully revealed who exactly this Benjamin Breeg character is, although the online fictional biography they made for him circa 2006 to promote the song was terrific.

I've listened to the song so many times that I eventually "created" my own mental music video to go along with it. A man is digging through some old family items in a desolate manor somewhere (think "Fall of the House of Usher"). Upon discovering this long-lost relative, the unnamed protagonist begins a montage of travelling across the world to foreboding old castles, crypts, and dusty archives, finding ever more tantalizing and ominous clues along the way even as Breeg's nightmares begin to infect his own. Finally, at the climax of the song, the protagonist is running through an old cemetery in a rainstorm. Finding "Bejamin's" grave, he feverishly begins to dig. And then…well, there are a few endings: sometimes he unearths a casket that he finds contains none other than the protagonist himself. Other times he finds the painting of Eddie used by the band in Breeg's online biography. In some versions, however, he simply stares down into the grave in shock and horror…

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