John 5: I was an extra in Skid Row’s “Piece Of Me” video

MODERN guitar god John 5 has revealed he appears as an extra in the video for 1989 Skid Row classic “Piece Of Me”.
Speaking on Sirius XM’s Trunk Nation program, the long time Marilyn Manson collaborator also said he appeared as an LA youngster being tattooed in the same 1991 edition of Rolling Stone on which Skid Row’s Sebastian Bach was the cover star.
“I was in the ‘Piece Of Me’ video that was shot at the Country Club,” 5 said.
“It was right down the street from my apartment and I was like ‘cool man, I’ll go down there – maybe they’ll have some free food’ … cause I was, like, a starving musician.
“They didn’t but I did get the chance to be in the video and I do a stage dive and all that stuff. It’s pretty funny.
“I have long blond hair and you can see. I didn’t have as many tattoos as I have now but you can see the tattoo I have on my arm.
“I’ll freeze-frame it and show you.”
The Rolling Stone edition in which he appears in a tattooist’s chair was themed Heavy Metal Nation.
“Another fun J5 fact … remember when (Bach) was on the cover of Rolling Stone?
“Inside that is ‘the kids of Hollywood’ and I’m in the chair getting tattooed by Robert Benedetti who tattooed all the Guns N’Roses guys, the Motley Crue guys.
“It says ‘John Lowery”

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