The Darkness Frontman: Fortus Is Doing a Lot More Than Izzy Could in GN’R in Terms of Lead

The Darkness mainman Justin Hawkins discussed opening for Guns N' Roses on their ongoing reunion tour, explaining to Music Radar:


“We didn’t get to hang out with Axl, but we did see Duff very briefly as well as their drummer Frank, who was super-cool.

“It was great to hear those songs loud, played by largely the original line-up. Axl’s voice still sounds fucking amazing, even after all this time.

“Plus there was a fresh cowboy for every song… can’t argue with that! Every type of material and color combination – it was most impressive.

“Slash is fucking amazing, too; he’s still one of my heroes.

“There’s the tone, the taste and the touch that only Slash has, and no-one can simulate that. It’s a big part of GNR’s sound – he’s a living legend in my opinion.

“He loves Les Pauls and ‘Appetite’ was the first album I bothered learning the tablature for, so I can actually play every note on it… accurately, too!

“And then Richard Fortus is a great guitarist in his own right, doing a lot more than Izzy could in terms of lead.

“Strangely enough, I actually met him in the gym when he was in Thin Lizzy and we were touring together.

“Obviously him and I share enormous, powerful guns and that’s only because we’re in the gym all the time…”


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