Gene Simmons: The KISS Song I Wrote About Persuading My Girlfriend to Have Anal Sex

Gene Simmons was asked whether it's really true that he wrote 1974's "Nothin' to Lose" about "coercing his girlfriend into trying anal sex, and her subsequent enjoyment of it." He told Loudwire:


“‘I thought about the back door, she’s a…’ Yeah. ‘Before I had a baby, I tried every way. She didn’t wanna do it, but she did anyway.’ ‘I thought about the back door…’

“I wrote the song, and I can’t remember the lyrics. ‘She didn’t wanna do it, but she did anyway.’ ‘Baby please don’t refuse, You know you got nothin’ to lose.’

“Yes, it is in fact that.

“And the inspiration came from the song I heard when I was a kid called ‘Back Door Man,’ which was an old blues song. And i didn’t know what backdoor man was, and then I found out.”

Sharing another story from the old days, Gene confirmed that the band’s first gig ever was indeed attended by three people and that the gang received $35 for playing the show. He said:

“I wore full makeup, but some of the guys didn’t put on the white face, just the outline.

“I negotiated the deals, and I got the contract.

“The first one was $35 for the band. But we didn’t care, it was just so romantic and magical.

“It’s like running away with the circus kind of thing. Just throw caution to the wind and go do cool stuff.”


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