GN’R Mixer: What It Was Like Recording Axl Having Sex With Adler’s Girlfriend for ‘Rocket Queen’ Bridge

Steve Thompson, the man who mixed Guns N' Roses' monumental 1987 debut "Appetite for Destruction," discussed the controversial sex noises during the "Rocket Queen" bridge - which are actually the sounds of Axl Rose having sex with Steven Adler's girlfriend in the recording booth - saying on Rock Talk:


“That was a very interesting part of the session.

“We’re doing ‘Rocket Queen‘ and Axl comes up to me and says, ‘Steve, I need some sex noises on this.’

“Okay, no problem. I think I had tapes of ’70s porno movies that I would splice together to get the audio, and I’d give him the sex noises he needs.

“He goes, ‘No, I need real sex noises.’ And I forgot her name, she was at the studio. Adler’s girlfriend [Adriana Smith].

“And Axl says ‘OK, lets mic it up, I’m gonna fuck her in the studio and just record the moans.’ [Laughs] So I said to myself… Mark Barbiero is very conservative, he’s like ‘Are you fucking kidding me?!’

“And I felt kinda weird for the fact that it was Adler’s girlfriend – I don’t want to get involved in this shit!

“And [we ended up] putting the mics together and they did their thing in the studio. The lights were low, and Axl’s doing his thing with the girl, we got a little noises together, and then we just edited what he wanted.

“Classic! Total classic! Sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll definitely went on that record. [Laughs]”

Among other fun facts, Adriana’s reply to Axl’s suggestion was reportedly that she’d do it “for the band, and a bottle of Jack Daniel’s.”

Additionally, since Barbeiro didn’t want to be involved with the whole thing – like Steve just explained – he left the task of setting up the mics to his assistant Vic Deyglio.

Deyglio described the studio as “a Ron Jeremy set,” adding he even had to enter the booth to adjust a mic that Rose and Adriana crashed into.

And top it all off, the album’s liner notes credit Mr. Deyglio as “Victor ‘the fucking engineer’ Deglio.”

You can check out the tune below, the sex noises take place around 2:45.

During the rest of the chat, Steve shared a fun little tidbit regarding “Paradise City,” saying:

“On ‘Paradise City’ we did a goof with Axl. There’s a spot in the song towards the end – when Axl’s going, ‘Take me home!’, that part before it builds into the outro.

“And we were cutting tape, and I told Barbiero, ‘Let’s double up that part. Just as a goof.’

“So it goes para-para-para ‘Take me home!’ para-para-para ‘Take me home!’ Again, this is tape, this is no digital anything. And we did it as a goof.

“So we played it back to the band, and it comes up to that section. Axl hears it, he listens to it and goes, “Stop the tape! What was that?!’ ‘Ha, we got you Axl!’ He goes ‘I fucking love that!’ And we end up leaving it.”

That part would be around 4:33 in the embedded clip below.


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