A Trip To The Butchers

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Hollywood-based metal outfit BUTCHER BABIES are set to release their third studio album “Lilith” on 10th November via Century Media Records.

The band is thrilled to announce that pre-orders for the new album are available now in both physical and digital formats. Speaking about the unique pre-order packages for “Lilith”, vocalist Carla Harvey says:

“In anticipation of “Lilith”, we wanted to offer unique pre-sale bundles that are special to us. Not only do we have the album, limited edition vinyl, and t-shirts up for grabs, but we are also offering limited edition items curated by myself and Heidi. One such item is a gorgeous lyric book for “Lilith”, featuring never before seen illustrations by me and graphics by Heidi.  Another item is our signature “Lilith” pendant, a darling necklace handcrafted by us for our Butcher Army.”

Fans that pre-order “Lilith” will also receive the album’s title track as an instant download. Speaking about the first offering from their new album, vocalist Heidi Shepherd states:

“After a year of writing and recording, we are thrilled with the growth and maturity of this album. Leading with our title track ‘Lilith’, the artistic development within the band shines. We worked with producer Steve Evetts to bring you the rawest form of Butcher Babies. No auto-tune, 100% real drums, real guitars, real bass, and an all out Butcher Babies assault on your senses. As we know in this industry, these standards are quickly replaced by machines and can eliminate what makes a band an actual band. We are so proud of the hard work and dedication that each member of our team put in to create this masterpiece.”

You can find all the details on the pre-order site:

You can pre-order “Lilith” here:

Heidi Shepherd – vocals
Carla Harvey – vocals
Henry Flury – guitar
Jason Klein – bass
Chase Brickenden – drums


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