Great White hope: Sobriety classes on a booze cruise

GREAT White guitarist Mark Kendall has spoken about running sobriety meetings on the notoriously raucous Monsters Of Rock Cruise.
Eighties bands take to the high seas once or twice a year under the MOR banner for multi-day events that are not known for their restraint.
That makes it a challenging environment for the likes of 60-year-old Kendall, who has been sober for nine years.
“They actually have meetings on the cruise – I led a couple of meetings,” Kendall told the latest episode of White Line Fever.
“You’d be surprised. One time I had about 15 people.
“But, yeah. I guess I wouldn’t suggest it to someone who is in the early part of the sobriety but when you get going a while, you can deal with people drinking.
“Most of it’s sociable. It’s not like you’re running around with a bunch of alcoholics just wasted out of their minds.
“It’s enjoyable for me.”
The next Monsters Of Rock Cruise is set down for February. It was on one such cruise that the band reconnected with former producer Michael Wagener – the current Great White album is called Full Circle in his honour.
“The reason we like (the cruises) is we get to meet a lot of the fans,” said Kendall.
“We usually don’t get the opportunity to meet 4000 fans and just mingle with them and hear the stories.
“It’s usually the structured meet-and-greet or you might run into a couple of Facebook.”

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