Jeff Hoad: Why I Fell Out With My Brother

FORMER Kings Of The Sun frontman Jeffrey Hoad has finally answered the question that has been hovering over the Australian band for almost a decade – why he fell out with his brother, drummer Clifford.
The Gold Coast siblings who formed Kings Of The Sun in 1986 are now professionally estranged with Jeff fronting The Rich & Famous and Cliff leading a new version of KOTS in which he performs lead vocal duties.
When Clifford relaunched Kings Of The Sun in 2010, he said his brother was no longer interested in music – something Jeffrey immediately disputed.
“We were never conjoined twins,” Jeff Hoad tells the latest episode of podcast White Line Fever.
“It’s not unusual that two brothers get a little bit sick of each other and separate. That’s all it is.”
Asked about the ownership of the two band names – which both brothers were in at one time or another, Jeffrey says: “I don’t think there’s ever been a formal agreement.
“I think Clifford’s taken Kings Of The Sun and that’s where he’s gone with his stuff.
“And I’ve gone with Rich & Famous because Rich & Famous, to me, was always something that came after Kings Of The Sun.
“And I was more comfortable with that … the reason we changed the name in the first place was that we needed to escape the whole 80s rock genre in our minds at that point.
“I was happy to do that because grunge took over so the Rich & Famous became a free, open palette of creativity. I was always happy to take that and he was always happy to take Kings Of The Sun – although we’ve never discussed it.
“I’m pretty sure he’s happy and I’m happy.
“That’s all it is. There’s no owning or whatever. He still played on those records and I still played on those records.
“This is the new phase of the Rich & Famous – and hopefully the most successful one.”
Asked if there had been any moves to reunite, Jeff Hoad said: “Not from either side. A lot of people might say it.
“It’s a bit like Guns N’Roses, isn’t it? Who would have thought they would have got back together again?”

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