Metallica’s Trujillo: This Is the Only Bass Lesson I Ever Gave My Son

Rob Trujillo from Metallica discussed his 12-year-old son Tye's musical journey, explaining to Full Metal Jackie:

Metallica rob trujillo son

“He plays guitar too. He started out on drums and then kind of stopped playing drums at age five. Right when I got him his first real drum set, he stops playing drums.

“I noticed he started picking up basses around the house because we have basses literally in every room of the house.

“The only thing I really taught him was a C Major scale which is the most basic and first step that you can take.

“By the next day he had it down and I taught him a blues scale and then from then, it turned into Jaco Pastorius bass solos and Black Sabbath songs and all this.

“He’s special in that, but the thing about him is he is so humble and grounded. For me, I was very nervous [about Tye touring with Korn].

“That was my month off when they were in South America, so I was able to accompany him but I didn’t know what was gonna happen.

“It was uncharted territory and he just killed it. It was amazing to see the confidence. He is just fearless.

“He has grown up on the Metallica stage backstage jamming with James Hetfield. So for him, it is perfectly natural and normal. I don’t get that because I get nervous playing in front of five people.”

As reported around the web, Tye filled in for Korn bassist Fieldy during their run across Latin America this April. Rolling Stone shared a mini documentary about the tour, feel free to check it out it here.


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