Def Leppard: That Time We Had to Make a Song POPPIER to Sound BETTER

Def Leppard bassist Rick "Sav" Savage shared an interesting detail regarding the band's 1987 monumental record "Hysteria," telling Music Radar about the record's lead single, "Animal":

def leppard

“It’s a very strange song, in that we completely finished the demo in Dublin where we had been writing.”The vocal line was all finished, same with the lyrics and by the time we got to recording it properly, it was a little bit to leaden.

“The guitar parts were a little too heavy for the nature of vocals that Joe [Elliot] had in mind, so we stripped it back – which we’d never really done before. Normally, we create the guitars first and put the melodies on top.

“So we had the finished song and decided to keep the melody but completely rewrite the backing track, which was really different for us!

“There isn’t part of the original song that stayed, except for a bit of the breakdown section.

“We wanted to make it more lightweight and pop-orientated because originally it sounded like a second-rate Van Halen riff that didn’t quite match up to the friendly, commercial-sounding vocals.”


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