This Is What Kerry King Has to Say to People Saying All Slayer Songs Sound the Same

Guitarist Kerry King talked about people who say that all Slayer songs sound the same, explaining to Westword:

kerry king

“I like AC/DC for being AC/DC. I like Judas Priest for being Judas Priest.

“I think people like Slayer because we sound like Slayer, and they don’t want us to do anything else.

“As far as maturing, going different directions, I have no desire.”

King concluded:

“If Slayer ended tomorrow, I’d be in a band that sounds just like Slayer, because that’s all I know how to make up.”

Back in 2015, Kerry shared a similar opinion during an interview with Metal Hammer, saying:

“I don’t want to evolve. I don’t think our fans want us to evolve.

“I think the fans want us to be Slayer and just make the next batch of songs that make ’em wanna sing along, make ’em wanna beat people up, make ’em wanna thrash, make ’em wanna do circle pits, make ’em wanna crowd surf, and I think we’ve achieved that.”

Bassist/singer Tom Araya added:

“Slayer has evolved lyrically. We’ve matured as lyricists. We started writing stuff that was about demons and devils, and then we’ve moved that into society – the demons and devils of society. I think that’s what we’ve matured to.

“Every time we work on a new record, we don’t really progress it, we just write great songs, and I think that’s the important thing.”


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