Early Metallica Producer Flemming Rasmussen Reacts to ‘St. Anger’

Metallica's early-day producer Flemming Rasmussen - who worked with the band on "Ride the Lightning," "Master of Puppets," and "...And Justice for All" - shared his thoughts the group's three latest studio albums, telling Alphabetallica:

flemming rasmussen

St. Anger

“It depends on my mood on the day. Because I think they should get points for trying. They really do try.

“Every second time I hear it I think they really do try to do something new in terms of changing the way metal sounds – I think they really make a good effort in trying to do something different.

“And then every other second time I hear it, it just sounds like a really bad demo that never should have been released.

“Some of the songs are really good, but I’m not the fan of the way that sounds, to say the least… [Laughs]”

Death Magnetic

“I kinda like that one. I still hate that it’s way too compressed and mastered to death. But I kinda like the album. Compositionally, it’s got a lot of good songs.

“And it kinda gets lost in that loudness. I’d like to have a vinyl of that where they kind of take all the mastering away and just release the unmastered on vinyl.

“That would be nice – get some dynamics in there. It’s the kind of ultimate scare example of too much master compression.

Hardwired… To Self-Destruct

“I really like that one. It almost sounds like the stuff we did. Especially the snare sound, absolutely amazing! Really good, I really like it.

“I think there are some really good songs on it too. After the ‘Black Album,’ that’s the album I would like to have done. [Laughs]”


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