@Ironmaiden on @reddit Iron Maiden survivor – Losers Edition, round 1

Iron Maiden survivor – Losers Edition, round 1

Man, I totally forgot how bullshit some of these results were. I mean, Heaven Can Wait??? Cmon…


Alright, you primitive screw-heads, listen up. This is where it gets different. Now, you vote for the song you like the most to try and find the single worst of the bunch. Simple enough; the opposite of what we've been doing.


"Hallowed Be Thy Name" unsurprisingly took home the Ultimate Edition survivor trophy.


"Strange World"



"Quest for Fire"

"Back in the Village"

"Heaven Can Wait"

"The Prophecy"

"The Assassin" (this one ended in a tie but I went back to round 1 and saw that this one now had more votes, so I took this one as the loser)

"Weekend Warrior"

"2 A.M."

"The Angel and the Gambler"

"The Fallen Angel"

"Age of Innocence"

"Out of the Shadows"

"Satellite 15… the Final Frontier"

"The Man of Sorrows"


None, yet..

Vote Here

Quick side note, I was thinking after this survivor to combine the studio, live, and album artwork survivors into one post with 3 separate polls. Just an idea.

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