Stryper Appears To Have Parted Ways With Bassist Tim Gaines

Christian metal band Stryper no longer list Tim Gaines as a band member on it’s official website. After much speculation about Gaines’ status in the band and numerous posts, mostly, from lead singer Michael Sweet that seemed to indicate a rift between the band, or at least Michael Sweet and Tim Gaines, it now looks as if Tim Gaines tenure with band is done. While nothing official has been announced yet, removing Gaines from the band member list of the Stryper website is surely a pre-cursor to an official announcement. Gaines, who recently went through a divorce and then recently re-married has dealt with a lot of condemnation and judgement by so-called fellow Christians who felt the need to voice their opinions in the public forum, often with hateful and cruel comments about Tim and his new wife. See our previous post about this subject here. Also, recently, Michael Sweet posted a list of his favorite bass players with Tim Gaines being notably absent from the list. The Stryper front man then goes on to respond to someone’s comment asking about why Tim Gaines is not on the list…in which Michael Sweet goes on to refer to Tim Gaines as passive-aggressive. You can see our previous post on this subject here. So, apparently, trouble between some of the band members has been brewing for quite some time. We will keep you posted any new developments.

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