James Hetfield: This Is What I Have to Say About Justin Bieber Wearing Metallica T-Shirts

Metallica frontman James Hetfield was recently asked by New York Post on what he thinks about various celebrities - including Justin Bieber - wearing his band's t-shirts. He replied:

bieber metallica

“I remember when that whole Justin Bieber wearing a Metallica t-shirt went viral, I thought, ‘So what?’

“This is America, you can wear whatever the fuck you want. If he doesn’t know the history of the band or whatever, it’s fine.

“I wear lots of stuff and I have no idea of the history, I just like the logo.

“People try to shock me sometimes and they’ll say, ‘My grandma headbangs to your music – and she’s 120!’, or, ‘I named my baby after you.’

“I’m like, ‘OK, cool.’ I’m not surprised that anyone likes Metallica. Everyone is welcome here. From cradle to grave, we’ve got you covered!”


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