Kirk Hammett: This Is Why Metallica Ins’t Playing ‘Spit Out the Bone’ Live

Kirk Hammett talked about Metallica's reluctance to play "Spit Out the Bone" - the thrashin' number off their new album "Hardwired... To Self-Destruct" - live in concert, telling Variety:

kirk hammett spit out bone

“‘Spit Out the Bone’ is the Mount Everest of the new album – the highest peak and the hardest ascent.

“On the rest of the record, I improvised my solos – not that one. The instrumentation on that song is so tight that I wanted to solo with equal precision.

“How hard [is it to play]? We haven’t done it yet live. We keep saying that we will by summer. We really have to work up to it!”

Previously talking about this tune on Matt Pinfield’s podcast, Mr. Hammett noted:

“I love the instrumentation of that song – it’s really fun to play on guitar, so riffy! The ending of that solo is one of the only things I worked out before I got to the studio that day.”


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