A7X Guitarist Makes Bold Statement About Zakk Wylde, Compares Him to Hendrix & Dimebag

Guitarist Zacky Vengeance from Avenged Sevenfold sang heavy praises of Zakk Wylde, saying on the Meltdown podcast about the man's recently announced reunion with Ozzy:

zakk wylde hendrix dimebag

“Oh, dude, it’s so cool. I love to see all that stuff. Certain bands, you get a couple of people together and it just creates magic.

“All those guys are extremely talented on their own, but when you put ’em together, it’s just something really, really special.”

“We had the privilege of doing Ozzfest back in 2006. And Zakk Wylde, he rules as a guitarist.

“He’s just one of those magical guitar players that just can do stuff that other people can’t – much like a Dimebag or a Hendrix. They just have something really, really spectacular. And Ozzy, he’s the master. You put those two guys together and it’s just crazy.

“I’m thrilled. I love seeing the original guys get back together. I love seeing the Misfits get back together, and Slash and Axl and Guns N’ Roses. I mean, that’s what it’s all about. That’s what creates the magic.”


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