Jason Newsted: Is It REALLY True That I Can Just Sit Back & Live Off ‘Black Album’ Royalties

Jason Newsted was recently asked one of the top questions that appear on the internet regarding his Metallica tenure - could he actually just sit back and live off the royalties from the monumental "Black Album" for the remainder of his life? He told Metal Injection:

jason newsted metallica 2017

“Everything you said is correct as far as record sales – it’s something that’s never been seen before, it will never go away and we never could have predicted it. But early on when I joined the band in ’86, they were already handled by a very together team of managers and other people. They handled their business from the start.

“At first I was just a hired gun. Before I started getting my cut, it took five and a half months before I started getting a full cut. Before that, I was just paid per show. 30 years ago, this month, I joined as a full member.

“From that time, the persons that guided them also took me under their wing and guided me. And they’re people that know what’s going on with investments. So when we did what we did and hit what we hit and took it to the people and we made some bucks and CDs still sold and t-shirts still sold, we only invested some money, that’s all.

“It’s cool that the record’s selling, that’s great, but it’s mostly doing for other people with that money. The ‘Black Album’ really wouldn’t have to sell anymore either because somebody helped me early on in my career. Does that make sense?”


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