Pilson Says Dokken Bickering Is Partly A Publicity Stunt

BASSIST Jeff Pilson has revealed that Dokken’s famous in-fighting is, in part, a stunt dreamed up by a publicist.
The multi-platinum hard rock band – completed by drummer Mick Brown, singer Don Dokken and guitarist George Lynch – will reunite its classic line-up for a Japanese tour next month, to be preceded by a one-off US show in South Dakota on Friday week.
It will mark the first time in 19 years the four of them have played a show together with animosity skittling a number of reunion attempts.
But Pilson, now with Foreigner, told Sirius XM’s Hair Nation of a meeting with an un-named publicist several years ago, explaining: “They met with all of us for an hour and talked to us and what they walked away with was ‘this is a band that hates each other so this will be a press angle’.
“They talked to us individually. Obviously some people said things they shouldn’t have.
“But what they decided was this was going to be the press angle. This is what was different about us.
“It’s stick with us like a plague. They cast us in a mould and it was really hard to break out of it.
“Because of that damn publicist … people never got to see the good side.”
In other news, Pilson also told host Eddie Trunk he disagreed with a plan for Dokken to perform their one new song live a the upcoming shows.
“I read where (Don Dokken) said that. I sent him a couple of emails questioning the philosophy of that.
“George and I wrote some music, we sent it to Don and he has come back to us with some ideas, which is basically just to speed it up.
“I thought the idea would be to do a video track and add it as a bonus to the live DVD. We haven’t quite come to a meeting of the minds about that.
“We don’t have a lot of time to work on the live set so I’d rather work on the classics and get that right.”
Lynch said the show at Sioux Falls Badlands venue would feature an acoustic interlude. He also revealed he will be producing the next album by Warrant.
“They’ve got some great songs,” he said. “They’re just a great band and they’re a great bunch of guys. It’s going to be a little less slick than the last one, there’s going to be moments that are going to be a little deeper.”

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